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Fully equipped kitchen with gas stove and fridge, air conditioned bedroom. Swimming pool view and a 10-minute walk to the beach.
Fully equipped kitchen with gas stove and fridge, air conditioned master bedroom. Beach Villas located only 25 meters from the beach.

What to Bring

Metaphysical Counseling

Metaphysical Counselling goes deeper than the physical, mental or emotional realm and targets problems at the root. I can share with you powerful techniques and spiritual principles to uncover the good in any challenging situation. My work is to uncover limiting beliefs and help bring clarity to areas in your life where you feel stuck. This approach can help you work through issues in a calm way and seek clarity regarding the situation. As a Metaphysical Counsellor I empower you to empower yourself. What can I expect from a metaphysical counselling session?

During the first session i’ll need to as you questions regarding your background and life history. I’m trained to not only listen to your story but to identify feelings you’re feeling and also loo for stressful beliefs contributing to the situation.

What kind of issues can this type of counselling help with?

Metaphysics can help in all areas of life but an be particularly helpful with:

  • Relationship problems
  • Career and work-related situations
  • Financial difficulties
  • Health issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Understanding emotional reactions
  • Unlocking repeated patterns
  • Self-esteem

Starts November 14, 2017

60 minutes per session

Arrival Date: