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Norman Brown - Life Transformation Coach

Norman E. Brown is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, business owner and life coach with decades of experience in coaching and guiding people through transformational phases in their lives. He is the founder of Monte Vista Retreat Center, in Koh Phangan, Thailand and he created the Life Transformation Course (LTC), a holistic program dedicated to awakening, healing and living a fulfilled and happy life.

Born in Iowa, he was raised by his Cherokee grandmother who passed on ancient wisdom about mankind and nature to her grandson. Elfie was always in service to others and she taught by example: her generosity and compassion naturally got the people around her to understand how they could live life in a way that was of a loving nature to themselves and everyone around them.

At the age of 27, Norman was introduced to meditation, which accelerated his spiritual progress and pointed him towards his teachers, such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Amritanandamayi Devi, Ramesh Balsekar, Sri Karunamayi.

In 1994, while in the ashram of Amritanadamayi he had a profound spiritual revelation that lead to a total transformation of his own life.

After spending time with spiritual teachers, he was drawn to fulfill a vision he had of building a retreat center in Thailand, Monte Vista Retreat Center. Here he spent 12 years dedicated to helping thousands of others transform their lives. Norman is also the founder and creator of Imagine Earth, an organization dedicated to opening alternative study and retreat centers globally.

Vision / Mission / Values:

The mission is to support others to change their lives, to be of service.

Norman works very intuitively. With years of training and practice in meditation, coaching, being in presence, and through his innate wisdom of human nature, he will adapt the session to the needs of his clients.

Above all, he is always, always compassionate and sees everyone through an open heart and a kind mind. He doesn’t judge. He doesn’t condemn.

Norman says; “The purpose of the human being is to become more and more of what he/she can possibly be.”

Offerings / Teachings:

• Life Transformation Course, a holistic program dedicated to awakening, healing and living a fulfilled and happy life.

  • Self-Healing
  • Sacred Breath
  • Ayurvedic Cleanse
  • Palm Reading
  • Core Belief Systems
  • Inner Child Work


"Norman changed my life. Almost 6 years later and I still give thanks every single day that our paths crossed and I had enough courage and sense to know that he was my catalyst to the change I so desperately needed. I recommend Norman to everyone I know, and anyone who is suffering from ANYTHING! He brought so much to my life…strength, wisdom, health of body and mind…and SO MUCH MORE!! He sees things nobody else can see…he knows what you need when you need it…and he delivers. I equate my current contentment and success with participating in his Life Transformation Course, and I highly recommend this course and Norman’s work to anyone and everyone ready to make a shift in their life. This guy is the real deal!!"

- U.D., USA

"Norman came into my life when I needed answers to an issue I was experiencing with family members. His ability to ‘hear’ me and ‘see’ where I had cornered myself in my thinking, was remarkable. With a few well-chosen questions, he opened the door for me to navigate my way to a better understanding that I had not been able to see for myself. Norman helped bring clarity to my mind and subsequently to the situation allowing insight and solutions to pop up within me. I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity to experience this gift that Norman so naturally employed during our conversation. Norman is a wonderful, sincere, and trustworthy soul and it has been my absolute pleasure to write this review about him."

-L.F., UK


Website:  lifetransformationcourse.com
Email: info.lifetransformationcourse@gmail.com

Social Media:

Facebook: @norman.brown.9883
LinkedIn: Norman Brown