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Kenji Kumara - Consciousness Facilitator


Kenji Kumara


​Kenji Kumara is recognized world-wide ​as a spiritual catalyst and is the creator of Quantum Lightweaving and Sedona Vortex Activations​. He serves as a "channel-holder and initiator" of expanded grounded awareness and provides​ a vibrational space for one's awakening, self-empowered healing and soul mastery. 

With academic training in Education, Psychology and the healing arts, Kenji serves as a facilitator of consciousness to assist those who wish to explore their personal path of illumination and awaken to their Soul’s destiny and life ​purpose.

Upon attending one of Kenji’s intensive ​retreats and online series, many have reported profound life changes and clarity on their life purpose. Many receive ​ongoing ​benefits such as stress relief, reversal of physical conditions and reduction and elimination of worry, anxiety and stress.

Vision / Mission / Values:

To create the energetic space for vibrational transformation, enlightenment and spiritual awakening for the new generation of gifted and talented thought leaders and change agents.

To provide a sacred space for transformational self-healing and discovery. To expand soul awareness and consciousness within the individual and groups. To bring forward the capacity of embody presence and divine knowing within all things.

Offerings / Teachings:

  • Guided Quantum Meditation techniques
  • Quantum Lightweaving healing techniques
  • Apprenticeship Program to pass on the work
  • Advanced Spirituality and Esoteric Psychology/Spiritual Psycho-Therapeutics 
  • Offering retreats, online webinars and teleclasses. In person and telephone personal empowerment sessions 


A truly great experience that I highly recommend to everyone who follows Kenji's work. All the lovely people who shared the experience with us contributed their own spark of wonderful uniqueness that made the event even more unforgettable. The activations and the sharing of our experiences made the days seem so special. I am eternally grateful for every moment feel deeply grateful to Kenji and to everyone who shared those wonderful moments there. 

- Davida, Spain

“What a marvelous, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, earth-shaking experience! Listening to Kenji’s attunements and then attending his Intensive … has opened an exponential flow of wonder and awe … the incredible feeling of oneness that permeated the Intensive continues to expand and permeate mind, emotions, body and soul. Kudos to Kenji and his staff for sharing with us this incredible QL world of wonder!”

-R.S., Lightworker, Joshua Tree, CA


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