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Beth Herndobler - Intuitive Life Coach

The most important lessons, knowledge and experiences are learned when we are present and open to each moment. When we drop all stories of who we are and all expectations of what the day, the event, the moment and the human connections within each should be, amazing things occur. Each moment holds the possibility of lifting the veil between the human and the Divine, the place where everything that really truly matters happens; where miracles occur. This is where I have found real lasting success and discovered that I am enough. At last, I am happy and live my life on purpose. The only thing better than living my own life on prpose is helping others get their too. 

Vision / Mission / Values: 

It is my passion and calling to guide people to eliminate the blocks in their life that keep them from connecting with their true authentic self where life can be lived on purpose with joy and ease. My aim with this work is to generate more love, light, ease, grace and peace in each person so as to bring more of this energy into the world.

Offerings / Teachings:

  • Manifesting Your Dreams with Ease and Grace: 5 Daily Practice Points
  • Healing Your Wounded Heart


Beth Herndobler, a former trial attorney turned Intuitive Life Coach and Transformational Energy Healer, is a Certified Intuitive Strategist & Divine Channel who communicates with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors for messages & guidance. She combines this guidance with a technique that identifies & clears blocks, stuck points & patterns quickly so you can open to a life lived on purpose with ease & grace.


Such a miracle - Beth did an IST clearing for me yesterday. We cleared out a persona that was a huge drag on me. I am now full of love and compassion. It was a truly amazing experience. I am just floating in lightness! ~ Sara Halo, PA

I could not maintain my mood and would feel sad, fatigued and borderline hopeless when nothing was truly wrong in the present moment (or things were at least really looking up). An energy healer had told me something was off in my abdomen and I had a serious of issues for which I couldn't seem to determine the root cause (digestive, emotional, anxiety, etc). After a Body Blueprint scan and clearing with Beth, including removal of a huge energetic hook in my lower abdomen, I immediately felt lighter and at peace. I went home and my boyfriend asked what I had done, as I looked "restored." This work is amazing and so is Beth! ~ NFBroom, CA

Thank you Beth Herndobler for an amazing experience this morning! She put me in touch with my guardian angel and the Divine, then confirmed my new path as a Life Coach (without knowing I had been thinking of that) in combination with my current career as a Financial Planner! So very excited about the messages that she brought to me! ~ Marla Starr, SD


Website: www.bethherndobler.com

Email: bherndobler@gmail.com

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