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Dr. Barbara Koudelka, NMD - Naturopathic Physician

Naturopathic protocols can guide you back to health by working with the WHOLE you; mind, body, and spirit.  Learn about natural substances your body may be missing to repair itself.  A Naturopathic physician guides and teaches you to become knowledgeable in protocols to restore your energy, clarity, focus, and health, both mentally and physically. You will discover how to regain balance through improved holistic lifestyle techniques to maintain wellness.

Dr. Barbara Koudelka is a skilled and empathetic Naturopathic doctor. Attracted by the whole-patient wellness approach, rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Koudelka attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She listens to her patients carefully with the goal of uncovering the root cause of their issues, and through careful analysis selects the type of care that is best suited for each individual patient. Her clinic, RejuveNature Medical, is a total wellness clinic that offers functional medicine, and is committed to preventative care, and educating patients on how to ensure wellness. RejuveNature Medical is growing and diversifying, and now has a team of Naturopathic doctors to provide personalized care. Dr. Koudelka works as a primary care physician, treating chronic illnesses & preventing disease.

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To provide a joyful environment which encourages attendees to experience a rejuvenation of their health and quality of life through education.


Educate with respect to provide the best tools for natural healing


Through integrity, teamwork, the highest standard of excellence, educate to help provide the best quality of life possible through mind-body – spirit medicine.

Offerings / Teachings:

  • . Nutrition: ‘I Eat Healthy – Don’t I?’
  • . Thyroid Issues: The Overlooked and Misdiagnosed
  • . Bioidentical Hormones: ‘Hijacked by My Hormones’
  • . Adrenal Dysfunction: ‘The American Disease?’


Naturopathic Physician, President, Medical Director, Expert Witness, & Owner 2003 – present

Arrowhead Naturopathic Medicine (DBA: RejuveNature Medical) Peoria, AZ

Licensed in Arizona


Independent Contractor Teacher for Imagine Earth, LLC

2017 Webinar and Retreat Center Instructor: Naturopathic Medicine Programs

Educator for Southwest College Naturopathic Medical School for the following:

o    2011 - current: Mentor for Student Field Observation (first year students)

o    2011 - current: Clinical Rotations (third and fourth year students)

Presenter at the following:

o    2002 – 2004: Curves Fitness Center

o   2009 - 2013: Potter’s House Apothecary

o    2011: Arizona Turner Syndrome Event

o    2014 - 2015: Sprouts

o    2010 - 2015: Evening RejuveNature Medical Presentations

Course Developer and Health Lecturer at the following:

2003 – 2004: Rio Institute for Senior Education

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Please visit my website and YouTube channel to see my testimonials.


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Phone: 602-463-6823

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