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Wow... Norman Brown is an amazing transformational coach! I have taken many sessions with him and did his Life Transformation Course and it changed my life!

He is very compassionate, loving, understanding, a great listener, veryintuitive and knowledgable. He was able to really hear me and see who I was behind all my walls and my pain. He gently worked with me to remove all the walls and masks I had put on over the years and helped me discover who I am and how truly amazing I am.

I am the way I am today thanks to him: I am stronger, more at peace, happier, healthier and I know who I am.

I did sessions with him in person and on skype and I know he works with people from all around the world.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to change their life and are committed to do the work.

SB Switzerland

Norman changed my life. Almost 6 years later and I still give thanks every single day that our paths crossed and I had enough courage and sense to know that he was my catalyst to the change I so desperately needed. I recommend Norman to everyone I know, and anyone who is suffering from ANYTHING! He brought so much to my life...strength, wisdom, health of body and mind...and SO MUCH MORE!! He sees things nobody else can see...he knows what you need when you need it...and he delivers. I equate my current contentment and success with participating in his Life Transformation Course, and I highly recommend this course and Norman's work to anyone and everyone ready to make a shift in their life. This guy is the real deal!!

Una D. Jacksonville, Or. USA

So many things to say about Norman and his work !

I did his life transformation course and other personal sessions with him, and all sessions I did with him were powerful ! full of compassion and love he is able to make you realise what to heal in your soul.. and not a lot of people are able to see in you like this.

If you want to find what is your "issues" how to change it, he is definitively able to help you. He goes straight to the point to help you to heal, understand and give you tools to be able to live better all situation in your life.

I could speak about his work four hours but I think the best way to understand it it's to have one session with him, so don't hesitate to long, go for it!

Orane L. Founex, Switzerland

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work -and continue to work- with Norman and I am forever grateful our paths have crossed. I have just spent two weeks with him in July 2015, but from our very first meeting, I knew instantly I could trust Norman, and I have always, always felt safe in his presence, whether during skype sessions or in person sessions. This was critically important, especially as you go through the waters of wanting change, yet resisting it because of the hard work it requires looking at yourself and facing your demons as well as the fear of what the change you are saying you want may actually bring to your life...

Norman is always reassuring, encouraging and comforting, never judging. His feedback and guidance are done with so much kindness, care and love and his gift of clairvoyance have always made them spot on! I also cannot recall one session without a giggle, and when that giggle comes, when you are able to laugh at the situation and/or at yourself, you know you have conquered that one and it feels so damn good!

I have also been truly amazed at Norman's availability. When he tells you: "you can contact me whenever you need to talk, even if it is not our planned session", he actually means it. So when you have a traumatic episode or an emotional breakdown as things start changing in your life and you feel disoriented and in tears, email Norman or send him a text, and you will get a reply in less than a day. And if it were possible to top that, you will have the time you need, whether 10mn or an hour. Whatever is required for you to talk through it and feel better.

Norman is true to his words and will never let you down. And suddenly, you realize that you are a human being worthy of love and attention, even while "in transition" and looking for yourself.

Norman is a truly extraordinary human being and mentor and I can only wish for you to take the decision to contact him and check it out for yourself. Oh, and one last thing. Beware, he gives the best hugs ever!

Melanie Geneva, Switzerland

Norman is a one of a kind person. Norman is able to listen and never judges. It feels like he is connected with some type of wisdom and creativity that I have never encountered before.

My 28 day course with Norman, in 2008, literally changed my life forever in the most positive way. After my stay my best friend and my mother did the same course and they feel the same about how this course changed their lives permanently. Since 2008 Norman is a close friend of mine who I can trust for 100%. Norman visited me in my home The Netherlands last year and i hope to see you again soon Norman. Big hug from your friend Leon.

Leon, Delft, Holland

Norman came into my life when I needed answers to an issue I was experiencing with family members. His ability to 'hear' me and 'see' where I had cornered myself in my thinking, was remarkable.

With a few well chosen questions, he opened the door for me to navigate my way to a better understanding that I had not been able to see for myself.

Norman helped bring clarity to my mind and subsequently to the situation allowing insight and solutions to pop up within me.

I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity to experience this gift that Norman so naturally employed during our conversation.

Norman is a wonderful, sincere, and a trustworthy soul and it has been my absolute pleasure to write this review about him.

Louise, UK