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Real Love

Real Love is beyond what we as human beings can imagine. It is the glue of creation. It permeates everything in creation. 

Unconditional love flows through us or from us to everything around us and at the same time everything around us is flowing love back to us. It is a continuous flowing exchange.

We generally see love only as something we give or direct some place and/or give away. Also we see it as something that will give us some form of personal gain in life and at the very least a gain in our feelings.

Real Love is not something that can be given away; nor is it a commodity. It is something that we share with one another and with everything around us. It is naturally occurring. But, we are trained not to see it because of our conditioning. So we are not consciously aware of it.

Love arises from a source not commonly known to us; it flows through us and then into everything around us. This flow is reciprocated from everything around us back to us. We control that flow by how much resistance we have to live life to the fullest. We can in turn resist the flow that is coming to us. And, no matter how much resistance we create there is always love flowing through us into everything around us including the air that surrounds us and then back to us from everything.

Also an interesting thing about real love is that we can also direct that flow. Or I should say we can intend the flow to be shared with another. This intention is what we call love between human beings. We also experience love with animals or plants. In general, this is the only time when we become aware of Real Love.

We are like an adjusting conduit for love. We can adjust to just a trickle of love or we can adjust to massive volumes flowing through us. A point to make about this is that whatever we share makes us happier because it fills us more and we adjust our conduit to accept this greater flow of love. The greater the flow out of us the greater the flow coming to us.

It is this greater feeling of flow that gives us the ‘in love’ feeling. We make the other the source of the feeling, but actually is our own feeling that is happening. When we do this we are no longer sharing love. We are giving it away.

We generally think love is only given to someone and coming from us.  They in turn will/should love us and continue to give us a feeling that we have with, for, and about them.

When we do this, over time we end up disappointed in life because that isn't real love. It is both an emotional drain and some kind of mental contract where we are at the mercy of the other. When we do that we create unwritten contracts and that destroys the love given to the other over time.

If I really love you then I put no contracts on you. If I really love you then I don't expect you to love me. That is a very tall order for us dysfunctional human beings. We have been trained to act in a completely different way than acting on our own natural way with love.

If we are acting from our natural human instinct, coming together to share love as a couple we would look to see if the other is someone that naturally behaves in life in a way that will fulfill the unmet needs that we have that we can’t fulfill on our own. Those needs that can only be accomplished in a loving relationship with another. And, we must be in our natural way, capable of fulfilling our mate’s needs that are unmet in life. When I speak of unmet needs I’m not talking about dysfunctional needs that are not met.

We get all confused by social ideas and religious concepts.

So the first time you don't get what you expect from your partner then you feel like you have lost in love. Then you start to keep an unconscious record of when your partner didn't give you what you are expecting. When the record gets too high then you leave the relationship and look for it somewhere else.

True love is unconditional! We share the love that flows through us to the other.
We can never turn that off or nor can we expect the same in return.

But first, I must be full of love for myself before that can be shared. Otherwise we will expect from the other and we will eventually be disappointed. The other will also be disappointed. Then we would end the relationship and feel a loss of love.

If I truly love you then where would the need for trust or honesty or faithfulness arise. It doesn't because it is always there. It is a part of real Love.

Sometimes over time people grow and change and maybe our partner doesn't or they only grow a small amount compared to you or even in a different direction. When this happens then the relationship is finished. The partners struggle and fight against this ending and they hold onto the false love to end. Or they lie, or cheat with someone else and blame themselves or the other.

In real love we come to the understanding that we have grown apart or grown differently. We agree on this and we agree that the other must seek someone that fits for their life. Then we part with love and not with hurt, anger, or deception.

If we have chosen from the place of real love, then we will grow together until we become a team of two. We are much more harmonious with each other. We become much more in alignment with each other and in life. Our thoughts become much more about OUR needs together and what WE want together. When our needs are met by our relationship then our life becomes more of not just about what I want or only what you want.

I postpone buying that new car that I have always wanted because what we want is a summer home in the mountains. Not “her” or “I” that wants it, but we want it.

That “in love feeling” is Natures way of bonding us for the preservation of the species. It is also a way of helping us to see the importance of letting go of the “me” and bonding into the one or as us as a team.

Over time if that team is nurtured then it grows into a One and that One is what all of human life is growing towards. Then the two have become the One and that love affair is beyond anything that can be imagined! It is extremely rare these days. Usually the best that we have accomplished is to become a team.

I personally believe that this one is the next,
for the moment we will call it, evolution of the species.

Nature built into us the capability to survive as a species. In those capacities to survive is the ability to go beyond what we have manifested on this planet so far.

The need for connection to something greater than ourselves individually was absolutely critical to our survival. We came together in groups to protect those that slept while some stood watch. Together we were capable of bringing down larger game in a team effort. Knowledge was passed down from elders and in exchange we cared for them. We then became tribes and from there nations and from there came the modern society.  

Nature awaits patiently for us to dive into this one natural survival skill and open it into further explorations to bring into human life the full potential of connection. The continued survival of the species now depends upon our action to take this skill and use it as a tool to take us to the next level of human existence and continued survival of the species.

If we don’t make the changes necessary, then we will become an extinct species. It may be 100, 500, or 1000 before it would happen but it will happen if we can access this higher part of our selves. We will be just dust in the wind as the song so aptly puts it. In the larger scheme of things, like the history book of the planet and the evolution species, our 15,000 or plus years will not even be worth mentioning.

As a species we were designed to be resilient. We don’t need to evolve into anything. We have everything built into us. We just have to tap into what we are and we can become something that is beyond our imagination.

When you are standing outside at night and you look up and see this expansiveness that is unimaginable as to how far it goes or what is out there; always just see that as a mirror of what Nature has created us to be.

If you can connect to what I’m sharing here, then it can leave you with the desire and motivation to change yourself to the point where you can love with Real Love and this experience of Oneness and be a part of what will change humanity into its next role human existence is to play on this planet.

It will assure survival of the species. It will save the planet. It will build a vision of the future worth getting behind.

That is the vision that I’m creating in my life and the vision that I am a part of along with so many others that are here at this time. We are here to change the world. Maybe some day you will want to join us and the world will be as One!

This is the revolution without weapons! This is the next Evolution!