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Where my Vision for Imagine Thailand Began

Imagine was the theme of my previous retreat center, that I built on an island in Thailand. We were at the top of a steep hill and most of the taxis knew where we were located wouldn’t drive our guests up that 300-meter steep drive, and I do mean steep drive.

The poor backpackers with their backpacks would trudge up that hill and at the half way mark there was a small flat spot. They would stop, wiped out and exhausted, and right there on a coconut tree was a small sign with the word “Imagine” written on it with the Lennon self portrait in colors and a flower to one side. 

It was a sign of hope! It gave them the energy they needed to continue their climb. A little further up the road we placed another small sign with “All the People” written on it with little flowers. Inspired onward up the steep hill they would trudge to find another sign, “Living”.  Finally, almost at the top was one more sign, “Life in Peace”.

By the time they came up the steps to the main building they would be singing the song!

That was Monte Vista! Everyone living life in peace.

The guests would leave comments in the guest book such as:

“It was amazing. We never felt so much at home, so far from my home.”

“Words can’t do it justice to tell you how wonderful it was to be here. We felt so at peace and safe!”

“I arrived dragging my troubles and addictions with me like a ball and chain. At Monte Vista I discovered what love really is. It shines the light for me and to me. Thank you for believing in me.”

There is an entire book of these comments!

I am now evolving this possibility of peace into Imagine Thailand which includes not only a retreat center but a center for alternative studies. I am now extending this possibility to all those who are teachers and healers that that have the power and energy that can help make a change, I am inviting you to join me in creating the next step in changing the direction of mankind. Inviting you to help me help thousands of others remember their magic.

Many of us have incarnated at this time to change the destiny of individuals, communities, and the planet by teaching, healing, and creating the next generation of healers for the world.

I introduce to you Imagine-Thailand Alternative Studies and Retreat Center on the island of Koh Samui. Imagine-Thailand is a place of peace, a feeling of home, and a sanctuary for healing, personal growth, and to become a teacher or practitioner of alternative studies.